Industry Testimonials

Michael Matheny (Dr. Mike) / Program Director – radioIOJAZZ / Tampa, FL
Mitchell Feldman is the consummate professional when it comes to promoting artists to radio. He brings his artists to the front of the line. His knowledge of the music business and the jazz listening audience helps him communicate exactly what I need to know about an artist and how that artist may fit into our programming. There is absolutely no one who serves as a better advocate for their clients than he. I've learned to seek and trust Mitchell's opinion on all aspects of the industry, and have gained by paying attention. It is ultimately the radioIOJAZZ listening audience that is the beneficiary.

Paul Weller, Jazz Director – WSOE / Elon, NC
Mitchell is by far the best promoter working in the jazz area with WSOE, Elon University’s radio station, and any artist should be proud to have him represent them. He keeps up with what stations are doing (without bothering us) and communicates using a format that encourages but doesn’t require further involvement. This is a very effective and easy to work with system.

Tom "Biz" Bisard, Jazz Director – WNMC / Traverse City, MI
Mitchell Feldman's musical knowledge, media savvy and promotional skills all work to guarantee a successful relationship. He’s always there for his artists and has always been there for our station. I really respect and appreciate someone who goes to bat for both. Promoters like Mitchell make my job a breeze.

Lester French, Jazz Director / Host of “Streams of Consciousness” – WMEB / Orono, ME
I’ve been working with Mitchell for well over three years and am constantly impressed by the personal touch he provides. He understands the type of jazz that’s programmed at WMEB and is sensitive to the fact that while an album he’s promoting may not totally fit with our station he always points out tracks that may work. If MFA feels an album is worth promoting then I feel that it is worth my time to review it for adding to WMEB’s jazz rotation. I completely trust Mitchell's taste in Music. He takes the extra time to build relationships with the radio stations that he works with to build support for the music he is promoting.

David Eisenman, Jazz Director – WTJU FM / Charlottesville, VA
Here at the University of Virginia’s station WTJU, we’re all about the music and MFA enriches our musical experience with their tasteful jazz servicing.

Bob Parzych, Jazz Director – WRTC / Hartford, CT
Mitchell knows his stuff, stays on top of his projects and is willing to listen to and help us small guys on the college radio side of the biz.

Don McCarthy, Jazz Director – WRBC / Portland, ME
I've been impressed with the thoughtful attention Mitchell brings to his projects. The information he provides is helpful and his follow-up is thorough but never annoying. He's turned me on to some great new music, so my ears are always open to checking out a CD MFA is promoting.

Jeannie Becker, Jazz Host – WBZC / Pemberton, NJ & WPRB / Princeton, NJ
It's not often you find a radio promoter willing to go the extra mile to keep programmers current with airplay listings made by reporters nationwide. Mitchell not only keeps us informed, he distributes valuable information and enthusiasm about the artists to enhance our broadcast knowledge the we share with our listeners.

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