Client Testimonials

LARRY CHERNICOFF, Multi-instrumentalist / Composer (Northampton, MA)
I found Mitchell through a web search and after one conversation decided to retain him to conduct a promotion campaign for my self-produced CD “October” targeted at a national list of radio stations and a select list of music writers around the US. This was a tough decision for a small independent label to make since such an expense was not anticipated in my promotional budget. “October” is a decidedly non-mainstream release, a fusion of jazz with classical chamber music; it's not the easiest genre to describe or to place in regular radio formats.

The results Mitchell achieved were well worth the investment. My record, which debuted on the CMJ Jazz Top 40 chart in December 2004 and was the most added CD at college radio that month, was in moderate to heavy rotation on stations from Maine to South Texas, from New York to Alaska and everywhere in between having also been featured on the nationally syndicated program “Echoes.” I would never have achieved this level of airplay contacting the stations myself. But we hire professionals to help us record and mix our music, and I've now learned it makes sense to do the same when you need your music promoted.

You have to do some things on faith, and wait for the karma to come back. Working with Mitchell was one of those things. I just had the gut feeling having him promote my music was the right thing to do. Recently I got an email from someone who heard a track from “October” on the radio. He is also a composer and musician and something about my music just clicked with him. We got acquainted and he has since hired me to produce a CD of his own music—all because of one radio spin generated by Mitchell’s promotion campaign that led to it being heard by the right listener at the right time. Mitchell is GOOD PEOPLE. His service is very personalized, he takes his job seriously and he loves music.

ANAT COHEN, Saxophonist / Clarinetist / Composer / Founder – ANZIC RECORDS (NYC)
Mitchell’s radio promotion of my debut CD "Place & Time" achieved excellent results with airplay on 140 stations around the US. The album spent 10 consecutive weeks on the JazzWeek Top-50 chart reflecting airplay by non-commercial and public radio stations and peaked at #26. It was regularly featured on the nationally syndicated program "Jazz After Hours" in heavy rotation on the jazz channel of MusicChoice which is broadcast nationally on the Comcast Cable network and via satellite. Three weeks after its release "Place & Time" debuted at #13 on the CMJ College Radio Charts—the highest debuting CD of the week of April 21 after being the #1 added CD at college radio for the two prior weeks. "Place & Time" peaked at #7 and remained on the CMJ Top-40 Jazz Chart for 11 consecutive weeks. The promotion also included targeted publicity activity that generated reviews in Down Beat, JazzTimes, All About Jazz - NY, All Music Guide and JazzWeek. These results have helped tremendously in introducing my music to new listeners all over the country. Mitchell Feldman provided very prompt and comprehensive services and was always available and helpful in answering my questions. We were pleased enough with his work that we extended the promotion by 2 weeks. I am looking forward to working with him again in the future.

KELLY EISENHOUR, Jazz Vocalist / Lyricist / Jazz Educator (Provo, UT)
Mitchell Feldman conducted an 8-week promotion for my CD “Seek and Find” and he is the consummate professional. First, he was enthusiastic about the album and I felt he really got behind it, which was important to me. He was extremely organized, thorough and well prepared; everything was done on time, if not ahead of schedule. I was very impressed with Mitchell’s energy, I think he works 24 hours a day!! He sent me detailed reports, and kept me well informed about all that was going on practically the minute it happened. He was always available to answer questions and I really felt like we were a team, and he seemed as interested and excited in the outcome of the promotion as I was. The album did quite well, making the top-10 in St. Louis, Los Angeles, Denver and Salt Lake City and reaching #14 on the JazzWeek Top-50 Chart,, #11 on the CMJ Jazz Top-40 Chart and #3 on the Jazz With Bob Parlocha Top-50,. The success, I believe, was directly related to the time Mitchell put into the promotion and he continued to send information way past the “official” end of our work together. I think of him as my window to the world of jazz radio, and he freely gives information, and if asked, advice. We’ve never met face to face yet I’ve felt a friendship develop because he is always right there to help with something, or guide me in the right direction. Mitchell is a no nonsense kind of guy who made sure I didn’t miss deadlines and is also very up front about things and not afraid to speak his mind. Someone like him, who is laser-focused on the job at hand which is EXACTLY the kind of person you need for strong promotion. In this business, you can’t drop the ball and Mitchell Feldman never does. I highly recommend him!

RAFI MALKIEL, Musician / Composer / Producer (Brooklyn, NY)
I had the pleasure of working with Mitchell Feldman on a promotion for my debut CD “My Island” during the summer of 2007. I didn’t know what to expect since it was my first album as a leader, I just knew I needed someone to help me attract the attention of radio programmers and journalists. Thanks to Mitchell’s expertise, experience and devotion, “My Island” was played on radio stations throughout the US and Canada, made the JazzWeek World, CMJ, Latin Beat and Roots Music Report charts and was the #1 CD on several stations. This airplay combined with radio interviews around the country and some great reviews provided me with a level of exposure that was beyond my expectations and tremendously helped my career. Mitchell always had good suggestions about how to keep moving the project forward and throughout our work together his almost daily communication made me feel like my CD was in the hands of a person who cared about my project as if it were his own. I’m grateful for Mitchell’s role in the process of helping me promote myself and my new CD and for his guidance as I took the first steps in raising my profile as an artist. I highly recommend his services.

JEFF NEWELL, Saxophonist / Composer / Bandleader (Brooklyn, NY)
I was greatly impressed by and deeply grateful for the work Mitchell Feldman did promoting me, and “Brownstone” the first recording by my band New-Trad Octet. Mitchell took a debut CD by a relatively unknown group and was able to make it the number one add for the week it was released and got it up to number 13 on the CMJ chart, all in the midst of a firestorm of releases by major artists. His efforts to get us covered in print were effective and much appreciated as well. Mitchell showed a real love and dedication to our music and to jazz in general. His willingness to work together in fine-tuning the promotional tools, to share contact with stations, and his constant communication during the promotional period helped me to stay on top of the project and gave me a sense of security about the work he was doing. I was very glad to have Mitchell on our side.

JUDY NIEMACK, Jazz Vocalist / Lyricist / Jazz Educator (Berlin, Germany)
Mitchell did a great job promoting my CD “Blue Nights.” His contacts in the business are invaluable; people trust his judgment and know that he can be depended on to represent artists of quality, and to do what he says he will do. He's a stickler for clear and quick communication, which is essential. He kept in touch with me constantly through the 2-month promotion period and beyond, e-mailing tracking reports and advice on who to contact. He was responsible for getting the CD played on 100 radio stations around North America including in heavy rotation for several weeks at such important outlets as WBGO in New York City, WDNA in Miami, KUNV in Las Vegas and the nationally syndicated program Jazz With Bob Parlocha. I felt I was in expert hands with Mitchell!

PAUL SCEA, Multi-Instrumentalist / Composer / Jazz Educator (Morgantown, WV)
It was a pleasure working with Mitchell Feldman! His assistance in the promotion of my recording “Contemporary Residents” was invaluable. His expertise in radio really has paid off and he was relentless in his dedication to my project. Mitchell provided constant feedback on the radio play and provided invaluable consultations as well. He has a broad knowledge of the business, is great to work wit and I look forward to collaborating with him again.

SUSAN PEREIRA, Pianist / Vocalist / Composer / Bandleader (NYC)
The world of radio can seem distant and impenetrable for an independent artist. Mitchell Feldman's passion for music, expertise and dedication were the keys that unlocked the medium’s well-guarded gates, getting “Tudo Azul,” my first CD as a leader which I produced and released myself, programmed throughout North America. His fine work also garnered me on-air interviews on prime time jazz radio in the US and Canada. Mitchell is obviously held in high regard by radio programmers, who definitely sit up and take notice of the music he sends them, rather than relegating it to the proverbial circular file. He is mysteriously available to his clients on a seemingly 24/7 basis, sending detailed tracking reports and answering e-mails and phone calls at all hours. Mitchell is a committed professional who is able to put emerging and regional artists "on the map" in a big way.

ALEJANDRO “Alex” GARCIA, Drummer / Composer / Bandleader - AFROMANTRA (NYC)
Working with Mitchell is fun and productive, he keeps you updated about every single detail of your radio promotion campaign, with news about adds, air-play charts, what programmers have to say about your CD, etc.. He is a highly professional and reliable person who will work for you and with you at his 200% output level, somebody who really knows the business of getting your music and your message out. I highly recommend Mitchell if you want to make an impression in the US and Canada with your music!

I heard about Mitchell through The Jazz Gallery when we were looking for someone to promote an appearance there by the award-winning French-Canadian jazz pianist François Bourassa and they recommended him. I engaged Mitchell to publicize that event and another concert in Manhattan a couple of weeks later at The Tribes Gallery. I found him to be thoroughly professional, efficient, pleasant, and perhaps most importantly, very knowledgeable about jazz...It's a passion for him and that comes through loud and clear! Oh, and did I mention he can write? Two thumbs up!

DARRYL HARPER, Clarinetist / Composer / Musical Director – THE ONUS (Boston)
A friend and colleague recommended Mitchell to me and we worked together on a 10-week radio promotion of the CD “Triphony,” by my ensemble The Onus. The promotion strategy Mitchell designed was clear, thorough, and very much tailored to my particular needs. He has a vast network of relationships with industry professionals and noticeably invests the time to keep these relationships strong. He works at a seemingly tireless pace and is extraordinarily conscientious about communicating with his clients. I was very pleased with both the process and the results of our collaboration and I give MFA my highest endorsement.

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